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  The coalmine safety equipment manufacturing industry is a concentrated expression of comprehensive manufacturing capacity of national coalmine safety, is an important symbol of a country's level of industrialization in coalmines and comprehensive national strength, is the national economic security and sustainable development of pillar industries. Uroica as leader and corporate pioneer of China's coal mine safety industry, has always focused on "R & D, production, sales and technical services" of critical equipment in mine safety monitoring testing and safety production, to tirelessly explore the coalmine safety technology,to solve the crisis of coal mine safety accidents, and to maintain the harmonious development of man nature and maintenance.

      Uroica follow the enterprise purpose " escort for coalmine safety ", adhere to the work philosophy "taking safety as heaven, responsibility as mountain " , and firmly establishes the enterprise objectives "as the miner's life safety haven", efforts to reduce coal mine accidents, has achieved great economic and social benefits. By continuing to strengthen the scientific research strength, to provide first-class products and service for the user, high technology and resource sharing with customers, to protect the safety of coal mine.

      Safety production is extremly important, uroica in lofty solemnly commitment at the foot of Taishan: escort for the safety production of the coal mine, we bounden duty!



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