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  Uroica mining security engineering co., LTD. (stock code: 300099, hereinafter referred to as "Uroica"), located in central shandong province, is located in taian southern state-level high-tech industrial development zone, shandong province, the only the heart of mine equipment industrial park. Company in the north China's first "world natural and cultural heritage" - its exclusive wei tai, south 6000 long civilization dawenkou cultural sites, 80 km west of qufu, jining and yanzhou, YaoQiang from jinan international airport 80 kilometers, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, beijing-shanghai railway, beijing-shanghai expressway, qingdao-yinchuan highway, Taiwan high-speed, 104 national highway within 10 km, take the high-speed rail from company to Beijing, only 1.5 hours' drive, only 3.5 hours to Shanghai; Advantageous geographical location, landscape between the talents.

  Uroica shares began on October 29, 1998's "TaiAnShi Uroica automation instrument co., LTD.", the main production of roof pressure gauge. On January 29, 2008, the company as a whole change to co., LTD., set up the "shandong Uroica automation equipment co., LTD.", the product also to instrumentation, monitoring system, technology output all-round development. On August 6, 2010 listed on the gem in shenzhen, as the first listed company for the shandong area in the gem. On June 7, 2011, the company name change is now known as "Uroica mining security engineering co., LTD.", the business on the basis of original products, covering six big mining safety system. In October 2013, the first domestic have fully independent property rights of monorail system in the simulation test track test run successfully, which filled the domestic blank, technology also has a leading level in the world. On December 5, 2013 Uroica Beijing fu hua yu kei for acquisition of shares by the China securities regulatory commission approval, marking the company to the coal mine, mine 3 g wireless communication area into formally began.

  Uroica shares with the person this, all rivers run into sea, the pursuit of excellence, in the research and development team, bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 70%, master degree or above accounted for more than 30%, the company executives, middle managers, both the EMBA, tsinghua university, Beijing university EMBA, the Yangtze river business school EMBA, also have come from all over the world all kinds of professional senior technical personnel, management personnel. Shares with Uroica is based on the core expert team, a national "mine safety detection technology and automation equipment engineering research center", "China's coal industry labor protection science and technology institute of roof prevention professional committee", "shandong province coal mine disaster monitoring instrument engineering technology center", "shandong university of science and technology of coal mine disaster monitoring engineering technology research center", "the ministry of education of mine production safety monitoring technology and equipment engineering research center of mine pressure monitoring technology and equipment industrialization base", "the ministry of education of coal mine monitoring key laboratory of mine disaster prevention and control technology research center" and so on.

  Uroica shares with 14 trademarks, 20 national patents, 26 of computer software copyright, 79 kinds of mining products safety sign authentication, the r&d team participated in the national "purpose", ">" a number of research projects, and won the second prize of national science and technology project, coal science and technology progress third prize award. Main products involved in deep ground pressure monitoring equipment, mine safety materials, geophysical exploration drilling, auxiliary transportation output, mine wireless communication, technology and so on six big areas, and constantly keep the competitiveness of the leader.

  Uroica stock market oriented, customer oriented, committed to promoting the development of China's coal mine safety, after more than ten years continuously from the scientific research achievements to productivity, has become the domestic leader in the field of coal mine safety. Uroica shares foward to "escort" for coal mine safety as the enterprise objective, take "to service users, sincere return society" as the enterprise core values, carry forward the "dedication, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit, precision management, lean development, precise production, fine service, customers do strong backing of mine production, contributing to the safety of mine workers happy a responsibility and power.

  Developing Uroica stock, welcome your inquiry and visit, communication and guidance!

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