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Plate Making Machine

EG-1315 Automatic High Precision Exposure Machine

Applications and Characters

This series suitable for high precision screen plate exposure.

1.      Embossing aluminum to make sure light even distribution

2.      }Equipped with vacuum pressure regulating valve, easy to operation

3.     Radiation sensor to ensure accurate operation 

4.      Screen vacuum, exposure, extraction, exhaust one time through membrane switch setting 

5.      Best angle glisten cover ensure the illumination intensity equality

6.      Exposure chamber is equipped with the metal-halide UV lamp.

7.      Exposure chamber is 950mm distance from the light source 

8.      Equipped with Taiwan oil-free vacuum pump for low maintenance cost.

Main Specifications:




Exterior size

1000 × 1200mm

1300 × 1500mm

Effective exposure size

800 × 1000mm

1100 × 1300mm

Vacuum pump


Exposure way

Quick start

Cooling way

Forced-air cooling

UV Lamps

Metal halide 3kW Korea lamp

Metal halide 3kW Korea lamp


380V – 3PH - 3.5kW

380V – 3PH - 3.5kW

Dimension(W × D × H)

1000 × 1200 × 1090mm

1300 × 1500 × 1090mm


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