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Plate Making Machine

CAD-1000 Automatic Screen Coating Machine with Servo Motor

Applications and Characters

The series is suitable for screen printing screen high-precision photographic emulsion coating.

1.      Japan Mitsubishi servo motor + Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and Mitsubishi HMI composition as the operating control system.

2.      Full automatic operation via touch-screen settings, ordinary plate-maker can be easy to produce high-quality precision screen.

3.      Fixing clamps / Unlock clamps set by a foot switch which controls the air pressure, easy to load and unload screen.

4.      Coating speed, coating time and a single, double-sided coating can be freely set.

5.      With pressure regulating function, the coating thickness can be controlled via a set number of application times and applying pressure.

6.      While reaching stop position would automatically slow down to 20mm near the frame, no need to fix screen extra edges.

7.      Use of rail steel with special low vibration, ripple-free coating process.

8.      Operating system with multi languages (Chinese/English/Korea), multiple coating patterns, and detailed parameter settings.

9.      Special corrosion-resistant treatment aluminum scoop coater, with no clearance with the coating structure, maintain stable emulsion coating.

10.   Mitsubishi servo motor driven to keep coating accuracy±1um.

11.   Two screens coat at one time is optional.

Main Specifications:



Max frame size

1000 × 1050mm

Min frame size

400 × 400mm

Max coating area

800 × 800mm

Min coating area

200 × 200mm

The longest coater length

900 mm

The shortest coater length

150 mm

Aluminum frame profile thickness

15 – 55 mm

Coating precision


Coating times

Front and back side  0 - 9999 times

Coating time setting

Four process time free set

Coating pressure

2 - 6kg/cm2 adjustable

Coating speed

5 - 150mm/sec

Operation system


Frame fixing

Foot switch quick fixed

Air pressure



Approx. 450kg


220V - 1ph - 450W

Dimension (W × D × H)

1920 ×580 × 1900 mm

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